Dr Oz Has High Levels of Mercury – What About You?

Doctor Oz on his show revealed he has very high levels of Mercury in his blood.

Dr Oz has attributed his mercury levels to eating too much fish especially salmon and mackerel.

Mercury should be on the radar of everyone, especially, anyone that eats a lot fish but there are exposures are everywhere such as in the tap water from the mercury solder in our water pipes, dropping a thermostat, breaking a fluorescent light bulbs, etc.

Women in redproductive years should be especially conscious of this.

Symptoms of Heavy Mercury in Your Body:

Foggy Brain
Diminished Hearing
Poorer Eyesight

But has Dr Oz in the past talked about arsenic in apple juice and rice.

This is just the tip of the iceberg – we are exposed to heavy metals in the air, in our water

We all should be concerned about heavy metals in our body, not just from eating fish.

Dr Oz has not endorsed Oral Chelation but it is something that their is a lot of literature that can help reduce the build up of toxic heavy metals in your body:

This is a good one http://www.extremehealthusa.com/OralChelation/OralChelation.aspx

Chelation for Heavy Metal Detoxification

toxic heavy metals

Toxic Heavy Metals Are A Real Health Problem

Chelation therapy, or chelation, is the primary treatment recommended by doctors for people who are diagnosed with toxic levels of heavy metals in their body. During the process, various compounds are given to the body in various methods and these compounds bind with the toxic metals in the body before they are excreted through natural means.

This treatment was first discovered effective in the 1940s, when the first chelating agent was used to remove the excessive amounts of arsenic in the bodies of several Navy personnel who were exposed to the arsenic-based gas lewisite. Chelation was again used to treat World War II soldiers who suffered from lead poisoning. Through the years, the treatment of heavy metal toxicity through chelation progressed. Nowadays, the most commonly used chelating agents are DMSA, CaNA2-EDTA, DMPS and ALA. These are abbreviations that stand for much longer names.

Who Needs Chelation

Medical communities consider chelation as a legitimate treatment heavy metal toxicity. People who work as welders, smelters, dentists, thermometer manufacturers, and taxidermists are always exposed to the neurotoxins lead and mercury. Agriculturists, farmers, animal workers and veterinarians may also be at risk since they often work with pesticides, herbicides, rodent poisons and veterinary parasitic medicines. Children who live in old houses painted with lead paint and those who have amalgam fillings are also exposed to lead and mercury. These people may undergo chelation to detoxify their bodies of heavy metals.

There is also the increasingly popular idea that chelation can be used to treat atherosclerosis and related heart diseases. The idea behind this is chelating agents can bind with the calcium that causes the buildup of plaque in the arteries and clear up the plaque, thus healing the person. However, chelation for atherosclerosis has not yet undergone rigorous testing and it would still be best to refer to cardiologists who can recommend standard and proven procedures for atherosclerosis.

How Chelation is Done

Once diagnosis of toxicity is complete, your doctor can schedule you for your first chelation session. A session typically last 30 minutes to an hour and you may undergo anywhere from five to 30 sessions depending on the level of toxicity in your body. The appropriate chelating agent is administered in various ways, either through the mouth, the rectum, the skin, or through an IV drip.

Your doctor may prescribe natural supplements, a healthier diet and exercise regimen, and supplementary therapies to support chelation therapy. It is important that you take in a lot of proteins during this period because the amino acids that build up proteins help facilitate the detoxification process. Other foods that are known to maximize the effects of chelation are the following:

  1. Chlorella. It is a chlorophyll-rich alga that promotes healthy bowel movement. Since mercury is eliminated largely through the stool, chlorella can never be useless in chelation.
  2. Garlic. Crushed garlic, not the supplements, has active ingredients that increase the sulfur levels in the body, and sulfur expedites the chelation process within the body.
  3. Cilantro. Also known as Chinese parsley, cilantro has been known to drum out mercury in muscle tissue and allow it to be removed from the body through bowel movement.

The Oral Chelation Supplement that is recommend can be purchased at Extremehealthusa.com

Arsenic in Rice -What to Do?

Arsenic in Rice

Arsenic is a deadly poison

Consumer Reports has detailed the extensive levels of arsenic found in many varieties of rice.   These levels are not trivial and arsenic is a deadly substance that can cause death.  Indeed, the Center for Disease Control’s  Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry lists  Arsenic as the number one  on their toxic substance priority list.

One of the reasons Arsenic is number one on the list is that it can cause death.

This follows on Dr. Oz’s  expose and Consumer Reports study on arsenic levels in apple juice and grape juice.

There is no question from mercury in our fillings to mercury in compact fluorescent  light bulbs  or mercury in the fish we eat we are exposed to heavy metal toxins constantly and can help but absorb heavy metals into our body.

What can you do about it?  How do you get heavy metals out of your body safely and effectively?

Oral Chelation does work although it is crucial to replenish the good minerals as chelation will help your body purge all the minerals and heavy metals in your body.

The exposure to arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals  for all of us today is significant  – Oral Chelation is the one way to help you eliminate the the threat to your body and health from these

Detoxify from arsenic with Oral Chelation

Heavy Metal Detoxification

Dangerous heavy metals are not just found in our environment. They can also be found inside our bodies, and if they are indeed present in our bodies, we are in serious trouble. Heavy metals can invade the human body in a variety of ways. They can be inhaled, absorbed through the skin and of course, ingested. In some cases, they can even be forcefully introduced into the body by way of implants.

The Different Kinds of Dangerous Heavy Metals

One of the most dangerous kind of heavy metal that can cause serious damage to a person’s health is Mercury. Even a very small amount of it can contaminate a large body of water. If it ever contaminates fish that people eat, it can pose a serious health risk that can involve neurological disorders like autism and other related conditions. Fish can easily be contaminated by even small amounts of mercury and this is the primary way for this dangerous heavy metal to enter the human body. Another way for mercury to enter your system is through a seemingly harmful and helpful dental procedure: siver fillings. Make sure that if you are getting fillings, it will not contain mercury. Putting fillings with mercury in your mouth is a recipe for trouble and health problems.


Lead is another dangerous heavy metal that can easily invade your body. Tap water and lead-based paint are common sources for people to get lead inside their bodies. Lead can settle in your bones and interfere with the production of your red bloo cells. Aluminum, on the other hand, usually comes from deodorants and underarm antiperspirants. They can also be ingested by people who often use aluminum cookware, aluminum foil and aluminum soda cans. This particular heavy metal can cause memory loss and it has even been found to be related to Alzheimer’s disease.


Heavy Metal Detoxification


If you ever get affected by the toxicity of these heavy metals, the good news is that your body is designed to naturally fight off impurities such as heavy metals. It has detoxification capabilities that gets rid of dangerous elements on its own. However, if the level of toxicity that is plaguing your body is too high which is most of us  you need to help your body detoxifying by keeping it healthy and taking in some of the nutrients that help in detoxification.  Oral Chelation is the nutritional supplement that is formulated to remove heavy metals  – learn more at http:www.extremehealthusa.com


Strengthen Your Body

To help your body detox you can eat vegetables and food with a lot of protein. These kinds of food provide the essential amino acids and algae that fight off toxins and its effects on the body. Food with a lot of vitamin C and E are also good food choices. Drink plenty of water and work out to sweat regularly. These are essential tasks to keep you body capable of flushing out toxins regularly.