Arsenic in Rice -What to Do?

Arsenic in Rice

Arsenic is a deadly poison

Consumer Reports has detailed the extensive levels of arsenic found in many varieties of rice.   These levels are not trivial and arsenic is a deadly substance that can cause death.  Indeed, the Center for Disease Control’s  Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry lists  Arsenic as the number one  on their toxic substance priority list.

One of the reasons Arsenic is number one on the list is that it can cause death.

This follows on Dr. Oz’s  expose and Consumer Reports study on arsenic levels in apple juice and grape juice.

There is no question from mercury in our fillings to mercury in compact fluorescent  light bulbs  or mercury in the fish we eat we are exposed to heavy metal toxins constantly and can help but absorb heavy metals into our body.

What can you do about it?  How do you get heavy metals out of your body safely and effectively?

Oral Chelation does work although it is crucial to replenish the good minerals as chelation will help your body purge all the minerals and heavy metals in your body.

The exposure to arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals  for all of us today is significant  – Oral Chelation is the one way to help you eliminate the the threat to your body and health from these

Detoxify from arsenic with Oral Chelation

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